Recycling of any e-waste material holds a paramount importance for every organization as improper recycling and disposal can cause a significant loss to the nearby environment and loss of valuable raw materials and precious metals. However, withthe cutting edge technology of Virogreen, you can be assured of an optimum recycling with the safest disposal of e-wastes. Since 2002, we are providing all our customers with an impeccable quality of service and have managed to gain the exact knowledge of E-waste management in India. Our process of working has been recognised through a certification from Central pollution control board of India. Hence, you can be assured of safest and standardised method of e-waste management.

Our services:

We take care of all your e-waste management needs. We understand, the importance to focus more on the front end of the market as a manufacturer and our service exactly aims towards facilitating that. WEEE services provided by us take care of all the processes from the point of collection to the disposal of e-waste.

The process involved in e-waste recycling are:


We collect all the e-waste on your behalf so that you comfort will not be disturbed. We collectE waste from pick up points, distributors, sellers and all possible sources with the help of our collection team.Our sincere effort to reach each corner of the city has made us counted among the top E-waste recycling companies in Mumbai.


After the collection process, we safely load up all the e-waste and transport them to our treatment facility for further processing under proper sealing.


We follow the safest method of handling e-waste objects before storing them. We store e-wastes based on their types. Hazardous e-waste is kept in a different facility, and maximum precautions are taken to ensure there is no damage or leakage of the toxic chemicals to outside healthy environment.

Segregation and extraction:

The next process involves segregating the parts of e-wastes. We trim down the e-wastes part by partto extract all the raw materials and metals for reuse purpose.


We use the most advanced method for turning e-waste products into recyclable products. We use the latest ’Pyrolysis technique’, for successfully converting plastic wastes into furnace fuel.


We dispose of all the rest of non-usable toxic items in a safe manner as stated according to the rules and guidelines by CPCB.

Some traits which have made us best among other E-waste recycling companies in Mumbai:

  • We have a custom made plan for e-waste recycling.
  • We operate all our processes under one roof with our wide 4 acres area.
  • Have a team of skilled and experienced workforce
  • We have an unbeatable track record of on-time delivery of services without compromising the quality of service.
  • We have marked our footprint in all most each part of the country.
  • 24X7 customer care assistance service for any queries and doubts
  • We maintain strict policy about non-disclosure of client’s confidentiality details
  • We strictly adhere to the rules and regulation mandated by CPCB

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us by mail or through our 24/7 hot line numbers and your executive will be more than happy to address your queries in best possible manner.